I went to the UK and came back.


Pruning bonsai makes me feel like I'm a barber for plants.

The old leaves of the indoor Pachira have fallen off, and new ones have emerged.

The Champions League matches this week were amazing.

I went to the Kyoto Botanical Gardens and saw a lot of cherry blossoms and bonsai trees.

I talked about wanting to create keyboard-first software.

In April, there is April Fools' Day on the first. I just can't get into this vibe.


When I went to the home improvement center, I spotted a bonsai tree that caught my eye, and I ended up buying it.

I touched a real SEQTRAK for the first time at a music store. It makes me admire people who create music with tools like this.

I added a command palette feature to Trellith v0.12.0. I enjoyed creating it.

Even though it's already March, the weather was bad, cold, and snowing.

MUJI week has started, and I bought various things at MUJI.

The pachira in my room is dropping leaves. I wish it would get warm soon.

I feel dizzy when meeting a lot of people for the first time.

Creating a website with your own domain is great.


In the world of hardware, It's also challenging to disassembling things.

I got a new hairstyle.

I'm thinking about expanding my pegboard.


I voted even it's raining.

Let's clean the room.

I was moved to see Kevin De Bruyne return from injury and excel. He is exceptional.

I had a bad cold. It was terrible.

At the beginning of the new year, a major earthquake and a severe aviation accident have occured. It's heartbreaking.