☔️ June

🎏 May

The rainy season has begun even though it is only May.

When I traveled to a seaside town, I saw many crabs strolling along the road.

I went to the waterfowl center for the first time. There was a lot of information about birds in the area.

I walked near the lake and saw four cats. They were basking in the sun.

🌸 April

Frogs began croaking around the house. How many frogs will I see this year?

Manchester City defeated Arsenal. Pep is very strong against the Gunners. He studies Arsenal's tactics very well.

Two birds were sleeping in a tree next to the balcony. Are they comfortable?

The Champions League match between Manchester City and Bayern was heated.

The election is over and it is finally quiet outside. However, the next election has started and it has become noisy outside again. Japanese elections are not friendly to remote workers.

I made a kalimba using items sold at a 100 yen shop. The sound is inferior to store-bought ones, but it produces its own original sound. I unlocked the achievement of making my own musical instrument.

With the warmer weather, the pachira in my room began to grow. It know spring has come.

I am an independent voter, so I voted for someone who seemed to be on the verge of winning.

When election time is near, candidates' campaigning is too noisy. They are shouting their names loudly in the streets. I'd like to see smarter campaigning.

I watched "The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent". It was a good movie that tells us that "Paddington 2" is a universal masterpiece.

I bought bad coffee powder. I couldn't drink it as is, so I mixed it with another powder to neutralize the badness.

🎎 March

Cherry blossoms in the neighborhood were beginning to bloom.

I'm tired of all the pollen this week. I'd like to evacuate to a pollen-free country.

A bee came into my room and it was difficult to get rid of it.

There is a lot of big news this month.

Japan's Prime Minister Kishida suddenly visited Ukraine in secret. I personally appreciate this action.

Japan won the WBC over the U.S. The end was too dramatic.

I went to Kobe and visited Ijinkan-gai. Kobe has the charm of a port town. There were many Western-style houses standing in a row. There was an exotic atmosphere.

Manchester City and Bayern Munich are set to meet in the Champions League. I'm personally looking forward to this match.

Zed appears to be a very ambitious editor. It blew my mind.

I need to buy more hay fever medicine as it is about to run out.

Everybody is talking about ChatGPT all the time.

I watched the movie Winny. It's sad that talented programmer was robbed of his life.

The look of google services is rounding out. Isn't it too round?

I failed to update my site because vercel is down.

I added dark mode to this site. Try it.

I watched Pixer's Luca. It was excellent. It was about the boys' one summer adventure. I was touched by Alberto's devotion.

React vs Signals: 10 Years Later is interesting. For now, I prefer signals way. It's easy to just use react, but difficult to optimize using hooks.

I disassembled my keyboard and washed the whole thing by water. There was various dirty stuff in water. You might want to wash your keyboard too.

I went to the dermatologist. He prescribed various ointments.

Paperie now has a sidebar resizing feature.

The Mandalorian Season 3 has come, yay!

👹 February

I think Vitepress is one of the best static site generator. Its simplicity is awesome.

I read a magazine at a bookstore. It featured mechs from sci-fi movies, which was interesting.

It was time to give a name to my CSS writing style.

I went to the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka. The exhibits were great. It was a wonderful experience to feel the society and culture of ethnic groups from all over the world.

The tower of the sun always makes me feel a little better. I never get tired of seeing it. It always emits a mysterious power.

Goodbye Xiang Xiang. You have taught us the value of being relaxed. Hope to see you in China in the future. I hope politicians don't make bad decisions.

We cannot be completely free as long as we depend on something.

Sad to say, there is no OSS that is absolutely out of politics. I don't want to sponsor someone who thinks resistance to the invasion and genocide is evil.

On the way home, I was reunited with a cat I hadn't seen in a long time. It was still meowing all the time.

Getting in line was a bad idea. I should have a plan B.

I rewroted Noiser with new libraries and writing style. Rewriting is a good way to get rid of old stuff and keep the app fresh.

I was surprised to hear that the museum's water tank cracked and leaked 100 tons of water. Luckily, the catfish in the tank only suffered a scratch.

Waking up is easy. Getting out of bed is difficult.

I went to a movie theater in Kyoto and found Pokemon plush toys on the bench. They were all wearing masks.

I'd like to develop softwares like Muji's products.

Hello, February, the worst month for pollen.

🎍 January

This month, I developed the Paperie in my spare time.

I'd like to paint the top of my desk a color close to gray.

It has been cold all week and I am worn out. I hope it gets warmer soon.

My work room is cold and I drink hot water regularly.

I had spice curry for lunch and tsukemen noodles for dinner. Had a good day of shopping and walking.

It's fun to see bird tracks on the snow. I have no idea what they are thinking.

I learned that it's hard to build a clean snowman on a sandy beach.

Maintaining multiple layouts is difficult.

It's a blizzard today. I heard that some people can't go home because some trains are stopped due to heavy snow.

I'd like to create a logo which can be used in dark mode without any changes.

It's great to be part of a group of people who are making something.

It's terrible that my favorite team loses because of a misjudgement.

Next week is supposed to be the coldest in a decade because of a cold wave. Take care.

A teenage boy was playing the street piano brilliantly at the train station.

I don't know why people turn text into images.

Twitter appears to be slowly breaking down. Many accounts were locked suddenly.

I think plain old CSS is enough for Web Design at this moment.

I'm waiting for The Mandalorian Season 3 eagerly.

The Standard Products' real store was playing I Am Robot And Proud as BGM. It was great harmony.

I got a haircut.

Hello, there!